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The following are the main practice areas of the firm:
  • CORPORATE: Incorporation of companies; reorganization of companies; negotiation and preparation of corporate agreements (purchase and sale of shares and other securities, joint ventures and shareholders agreements); assistance in private equity investments.

  • CAPITAL MARKETS: Advising in the application for registration of companies with the Comissão de Valores Mobiliários (Brazilian Securities and Exchange Comission); advise on public offering of securities (stocks, debentures, commercial papers) as well as in mortgage-backed receivables; assistance to individuals and companies in processes of accreditation as portfolios managers.

  • CONTRACTS: Drafting of civil and commercial contracts in general (purchase and sale, rentals, leasing, personal and collateral security).

  • BANKING AND FINANCE: Advising on bank financing operations and leasing; regulations and controls by the Central Bank of Brazil concerning foreign investments in Brazil, Brazilian investments abroad, foreign trade and foreign exchange regulations; representation in administrative proceedings in the sphere of Banco Central do Brasil and of the Conselho de Recursos do Sistema Financeiro Nacional.

  • INVESTMENT FUNDS: Assistance in the organization of investment funds (equities markets, emerging business funds, credit rights funds, etc.); advising as to compliance with the regulations of the Comissão de Valores Mobiliários (Securities and Exchange Commission) and taxation rules.

  • RESTRUCTURING OF COMPANIES: Advice in restructuring processes of companies involving regulatory agencies, suppliers, financial creditors and investors in general.

  • TAXATION: Tax planning and strategies.

  • PRIVATIZATION: Legal advise to buyers of equity participations and negotiation of relevant agreements, such as consortia, investment agreements and shareholders agreements.

  • EQUITY AND SUCCESSION PLANNING: Planning and execution of asset organization, in Brazil and abroad, particularly for succession purposes.

  • REAL ESTATE: Legal assistance in the preparation and negotiation of agreements, proposals and contracts relating to construction, acquisition and sale of real estate properties.