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  • Holds a degree in Law from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), 1977. Joined the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB/RJ) in July 1978.

  • Practice areas: corporate, tax, banking and foreign trade laws.

  • Active participation as legal consultant in the restructuring of Brazilian companies, both in private and state owned corporations.

  • Assistant professor of Corporate Law at the Universidade Cândido Mendes, Rio de Janeiro. Guest lecturer in extension courses on Foreign Exchange at Getúlio Vargas Foundation and IBMEC ("Brazilian Institute of Capital Markets").

  • Acted as legal consultant for the task force formed by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation for the reform of the law regulating foreign investments in Brazil sponsored by BM&F ("Commodities and Futures Exchange"), São Paulo, ANORO ("National Gold Association"), ANDIMA ("National Association of Open Market Institutions") and BVRJ ("Rio de Janeiro Stock Market").

  • Recent Publications:
    Legal Opinion published in the Revista de Direito Mercantil (vol. 125 - January-March 2002). Subject: False Declaration (paragraph 3, art. 23 of Law 4.131/62) and Clearing of Private Credits Charges.

    Legal Opinion published in the Revista de Direito Bancário e do Mercado de Capitais (nr. 24 - April-June 2004). Subject: Payment in National Currency of Foreign Credits Originally Established for Payment in Foreign Currency.

  • Co-author of the book named Direito das Companhias (The Lan of Brazilian Corporations) Vol. I and II, coordinated by Alfredo Lamy Filho and José Luiz Bulhões Pedreira, published 2009.

  • Languages: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish.