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  • Presided over the:

    • B'nai Brith lodge of Brazil.

    • Jewish Brazilian Institute.

    • Jewish Colonization Association (JCA) Loan Bank in Brazil.

    • Hebrew Immigration American (HIAS) Society in Brazil.

    • Brazilian Jewish Committee - Sefarad 92.

    • General Assembly of the '92 International Congress Sponsored by Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

  • Active member of the Board of Governors of the University of Tel Aviv.

  • Published Materials:

    • Comentário Magazine (1960-1971): Director.

    • Books:
      • "Girassóis de Van Gogh" ("Van Gogh Sunflowers") - Imago Publishers - 1st edition 1993.

      • "Das Fogueiras da Inquisição às Terras do Brasil" ("From the Flames of the Inquisition to the Lands of Brazil") - Imago Publishers - 1st edition: 2002, 2nd edition: 2003.

      • "Homens e Mulheres na Guerra do Paraguai" ("Men and women in the Paraguay War") - Imago Publishers - 2003.

  • Essays/Conferences:

    • "The Jewish contribution in the formation of The Brazilian Culture" - filed at Annals of the Literary Brazilian Academy.

    • "Vieira, the Indians and the Jews" - presented at the American International Congress in 1992 sponsored by the Federal University of Rio.

    • Guest speaker in several Cultural Centers, both in Brazil and abroad - namely at the Institute of Human Relations in New York, USA.

    • Lecture at the Da. Maria de Lisboa Theater in December 96 at the event promoted by the Portuguese Government repudiating the Edit of Expulsion of Jews from Portugal (Dec., 1496). The speech was translated into several languages and published in journals and magazines in Argentine, Belgium and the USA.